Reforming prisons in Finland

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A jump from individual offices to unassigned desks

Work environment |

The Office of the Prosecutor General left its old office behind at Albertinkatu and moved to Lintulahdenkuja 4. The objectives of the reformed prosecutor’s office are supported with an activity-based environment and unassigned desks. Read more

New ways of working and space efficiency at Pasila

Work environment |

The Finnish Transport Agency increased its use of space and wanted to try new ways of working at the Pasila state administration office. How were the premises needs of the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Customs Service and the Finnish Immigration Office (Migri) resolved in one fell swoop? Read more

Sensors – exactly where you are

Technology |

Determine the subject for measuring, install the sensors and utilise the information. Wireless technology provides almost infinite possibilities for the placement of sensors. Our Specialist Esa Halmetoja tells about the utilization of sensors and answers current claims about sensor technology. Read more


Kati Jokelainen

My work day |

Account Manager, Architect Kati Jokelainen from Oulu allocates tasks to environments that support them. Read more

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