Specialists - Senaatti

Workplace development

Reetta Ripatti-Jokela, Head of Workplace Solutions

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance – almost by accident – to become one of the pioneers of work environment development in Finland. I have two decades of experience and insight into workplace development so I believe that my view and understanding of the developments in the workplace solutions are comprehensive and therefore my strengths. I have seen the concept of work environment development extending from space planning to a multidisciplinary speciality area and the emergence of a greater understanding of the strategic possibilities offered by work environments in the management of organisations.

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Pertti Siekkinen, Specialist, Change Management

My job involves working together with our customers’ management teams and personnel. A work environment can be divided into physical, virtual and social elements. The work environment is an entity in which it is vital to improve digital solutions and work methods during periods of change. My aim is to collaborate with our customers to build a work environment for tomorrow where people feel good and are productive.

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Johanna Kiesiläinen-Riihelä, Adviser, Work Environments

One strategic priority at Senate Properties relates to the Finnish government’s aim to be a pioneer of new ways of working. My job is to support this strategic objective in collaboration with our customers. I feel privileged to be able to work together with different specialist organisations in order to achieve important goals.

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Heritage properties

Selja Flink, Construction Project Manager

Even as a child I was fascinated by old buildings. They oozed history and beauty that you can’t see in new buildings. That is why I have spent practically all my career as an architect working on historical buildings. For the past ten years I have specialised in a combination of fields that is quite rare in Finland: restoration and construction contracting. Accessibility became an important feature when I was in charge of castles and museums, as I believe that everyone must have equal access to buildings that are maintained by the taxpayer.

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Esa Halmetoja, Specialist, Maintenance digitalisation

I usually describe myself as an electrician through and through. I started working as an electrician on building sites when I was 18. After several jobs and gaining qualifications, I found myself working as a specialist at the Senate Properties Workplace and Maintenance Services unit. I specialise in digitalisation of property maintenance.

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Indoor air quality

Indoor climate

Anne Korpi, Specialist, Indoor Climate

It is likely that the indoor climate at the workplace is in good condition if it doesn’t draw anyone’s attention. However, the users of our premises have complained of the cold during the winter, drafts caused by the air conditioning, and the stuffiness of the indoor air. My task is to develop procedures and measures to ensure the quality of the indoor air of work premises of the government, in addition to the management of the indoor climate, so that the working conditions of our clients remain healthy and safe. In practice, this means, e.g., that I am involved in the production of instructions, models and guidelines, along with their reasonings, for employees of Senate Properties.

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