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Facility services

In addition to offices and work environments, we also provide an extensive range of office services from one place. Our facility services include cleaning services, office services, meeting and catering services, deployment and removal services, as well as furniture services.

The most appropriate service solution – complete service packages to meet your requirements

These flexible services also take into account all specific requirements related to the organisation’s operations and changing needs. Service management and quality control are included in all our service packages. We also provide specialist services to support processes such as competitive tendering, if necessary.

We arrange tendering and deliver all services related to the premises. We deliver office services especially to sites with multiple users. Organising competitive tendering for services on behalf of more than one user at a time is efficient, leads to economies of scale and saves resources. We work closely with Hansel Oy and procure the services in a socially responsible manner.

Our facility services

Turnkey offices

We deliver solutions on a turnkey basis. We explore the state-owned building stock or the private market to find a space to suit your requirements. We take care of mapping out options, negotiating contracts and supervising alterations. We can help you to rearrange unnecessary leases if so required.

We ensure that your fully serviced office is ready to move into on schedule, and we then help you to get back to productive work as soon as possible. We ensure continuous development by fine-tuning the work environment and procedures and by managing service contracts.

Our other services

Digital facility services

Working, nationally uniform internet connections and computer screens let employees focus on their actual work. Upon request, we furnish the premises of our clients with presentation equipment that enable effortless communication and smooth meetings. We also provide info screen and utilisation rate measurement services.

Security services

We help central government organisations achieve the optimal level of security for their operations. We can also implement the security solutions for our client and maintain the chosen level of security as well as develop the client’s security competencies, such as by providing training.

Executive work environment services

We help our clients renew their work environments and ways of working. We engage, inspire and include our clients in the change. Our services include work environment management, change management, knowledge work development, service design and impact assessments.

Environmental services

Our seasoned defence property experts assist our clients with environmental and nature surveys, the sampling and restoration of contaminated soil, environmental engineering, circular economy solutions, environmental impact monitoring and official procedures.
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