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Senate Group comprises Senate Properties and its subsidiary corporate enterprise Defence Properties Finland. The Group also includes Maakuntien tilakeskus Oy and Senate Station Properties Ltd.

Senate Properties and Defence Properties Finland are unincorporated state enterprises that work with their customers to develop contemporary work environments and take good care of the government’s property assets.

The Group also has joint functions - such as HR management, finance, ICT, environmental and social responsibility, marketing and communications - that serve both corporate enterprises.

Our offices

Senate Properties

We serve a broad customer base of different government actors for whom we provide facilities and associated services. Our aim is for customers to receive facilities services centrally from one place.

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Senaatti 20200228 Kanavakatu 3, Helsinki

Defence Properties Finland

We focus on serving the Finnish Defence Forces and their strategic partners in all facilities matters. In particular, we have strong competence that services the needs of the Defence Forces.

Business areas

Senate Properties has two business areas: Special Premises and Offices. These business areas comprise customers with similar activities, properties and service needs. The business areas have centralised responsibility for customer relationships as well as for matters related to their customer group’s properties such as building projects, property acquisitions, strategic planning and land use issues.

Business areas

Property Regions

Issues related to client service, rental of properties, property management and maintenance are handled by Senate Properties’ regional organisation which is made up of four property regions.

Property Regions
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