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We uphold biodiversity

We aim to conserve biodiversity and prevent nature loss. We have created a systematic operating model to draw up ecological surveys and have launched a biodiversity programme.

In the areas we manage, we ensure the conservation of biodiversity both in built environments and in nature conservation areas. In addition to which, safeguarding biodiversity is one of the key goals in the Government real estate strategy.

We draw up ecological surveys of our sites to allow us to identify the nature values at our sites and to take them into account in our activities. Ecological surveys also provide valuable information about the presence of invasive alien species, which threaten biodiversity by taking over living space from wild plants. This makes it important to control invasive alien species. Senate Properties has drawn up guidelines to control invasive alien species.

We decided to implement almost a couple of dozen meadowing projects in 2023 at both Senate Properties’ and Defence Properties Finland’s sites. By turning part of the outdoor area of a property into a meadow, we are creating new living space for butterflies, bees, bumblebees and other pollinators.

Besides thousands of properties, Senate Group also owns around 12,000 hectares of forest. We work together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland and studying what kind of forest management would best increase and conserve the carbon sinks in these forest areas.

Environmental Services

We act as the central government competence centre in properties and environmental issues involving their use and in environmental construction. Our services include environmental surveys, the study and remediation of contaminated environments, environmental engineering, circular economy solutions, environmental impact monitoring and regulatory procedures under environmental law.

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