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Executive work environment services

We help government organisations update their ways of working and create practical, safe work environments that support their work. Our vision is that the Finnish government is a pioneer of new ways of working and work environments.

We promote productive work and organisational performance

We support the strategic objectives and core operations of our client organisations by developing all aspects of the work environment (physical – digital – social) in a holistic manner. We promote productive work and organisational performance by supporting new ways of working and ensuring the well-being of personnel. Carefully designed work environments use space efficiently, which creates savings in facility costs and reduces their climate load. Our work environment solutions guarantee healthy and secure premises in a socially responsible manner consistent with the overall interests of the state.

Our executive work environment services

Work environment management

We will help you manage your work environment in a target-oriented and comprehensive manner.

Work environment development

We enable the holistic development of the physical, digital and social aspects of your work environment.

Change management support

We can help you implement controlled and smooth changes to your work environment.

Knowledge work development

We can provide training in activity-based work skills and methods that support well-being and performance.

Service design

We use design methodology to help our clients develop user-oriented services.

Impact assessment and process analytics

We evaluate the effects of a work environment development project and identify the benefits.

We ensure smooth transitions and work in an activity-based environment

Our other services

Facility services

In addition to facilities and work environments, we offer our clients a diverse range of centralised facility services. Our facility services include cleaning services, office services, meeting and catering services, deployment and removal services, as well as furniture services.

Digital facility services

Working, nationally uniform internet connections and computer screens let employees focus on their actual work. Upon request, we furnish the premises of our clients with presentation equipment that enable effortless communication and smooth meetings. We also provide info screen and utilisation rate measurement services.

Security services

We help central government organisations achieve the optimal level of security for their operations. We can also implement the security solutions for our client and maintain the chosen level of security as well as develop the client’s security competencies, such as by providing training.

Environmental services

Our seasoned defence property experts assist our clients with environmental and nature surveys, the sampling and restoration of contaminated soil, environmental engineering, circular economy solutions, environmental impact monitoring and official procedures.
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