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A pioneer of work environments

Senate Properties is the work environment partner of the Finnish government. We make sure that our customers have the best possible conditions to succeed in their work. We want to ensure that the Finnish government is a pioneer of new ways of working and work environments.

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Energy Saving Programme

Exceptional times call for decisive action. Our aim is to help Finland through the tough winter ahead and to curb the rising cost of energy. This is why we have launched an extensive Energy Saving Programme for the upcoming heating season together with our customers and service providers. We want to do our bit to ensure the security of energy supply in Finland.

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Our services

We help the Finnish state to renew its ways of working. We create functional and safe environments that support your work. We are your one-stop-shop for premises, property knowhow and facility services.

Coworking spaces

The highly digitalised and customer-oriented world calls for effective collaboration across organisations. We need new platforms and spaces for smart co-operation. Hupi, Sesam and Työ 2.0 Lab are our coworking spaces for government officials.

Activity-based environments

An activity-based environment is more than a collection of rooms and spaces. It’s a new way of working and managing work. Choose a workstation based on your changing needs and preferences.

Indoor conditions

Proper indoor conditions have a big effect on employee wellbeing at the workplace. Our goal is to actively improve the usability, healthiness and comfort of governmental working environments.

Construction Management

User needs, lifecycle cost effectiveness and functionality guide our construction management work. We lease premises for government organisations and provide them with all the facility services.

Working at Senate Properties

Want to be part of Senate Properties’ inspiring team? We are Finland’s largest owner of the most diverse commercial properties. We make room for success. This is your spot at the forefront of the property development sector.

Real estate business

We develop properties that are no longer being used by government organisations to be sold on the commercial market. Our portfolio includes everything from exclusive high-end properties to standard office buildings.

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Valtioneuvoston kanslia

Social responsibility drives our work

All aspects of our business and decision-making are based on social responsibility. We bear our responsibility for sustainable development by taking into account economic, social as well as environmental considerations, not forgetting the cultural value of buildings.

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