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Business areas

Senate Properties has three business areas: Government and Office Premises, Special Premises and Security Premises. These business areas comprise customers with similar activities, properties and service needs. The business areas have centralised responsibility for customer relationships as well as for matters related to their customer group’s properties such as building projects, property acquisitions, strategic planning and land use issues.

Government and Office Premises

The business area’s client base consists of the premises of the Government and various ministries, coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as ELY Centres, Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices), the Finnish Tax Administration, Regional State Administrative Agencies, the National Land Survey of Finland, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the Government ICT Centre Valtori, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet). In addition, clients include central agencies mainly operating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, such as the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

A significant number of clients are moving to government shared work environments, which are developed in close cooperation with clients. The business area has a diverse real estate portfolio, including office buildings ranging from properties from the 1800s to modern office spaces. The premises are usually located in urban centres in central localities. The largest concentration of premises is in Helsinki and Vantaa. Part of the property portfolio consists of protected buildings of cultural and historical value.

Special Premises

The business area has a diverse client base and a property portfolio that serves the needs of customers’ operations.

The main client base consists of research institutes, cultural institutions mostly located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, including the Finnish National Opera and Ballet and the Finnish National Gallery, as well as the courts system, the National Prosecution Authority, the National Enforcement Authority Finland, Legal Aid and Guardianship in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice and special agencies of the Ministry. Other clients include the National Archives of Finland, state-owned special needs schools, reform schools and hospitals, the Finnish Heritage Agency, educational and cultural institutions in the Sámi region and the Sámi Parliament.

Many customers operate in protected buildings classified as high-end properties and in special facilities designed for research institutes, the maintenance and development of which require special expertise. The facilities are user-specific and designed for special needs. In addition to the usual office, storage, accommodation and training facilities, the property portfolio includes high-tech special facilities.

Security Premises

Clients of the business area are security authorities and clients whose activities are security critical and whose operations include security as a key aspect.

The client base consists of state actors specialising in security including the Finnish Border Guard, Customs, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service, the National Police Board, Police University College, Prison and Probation Service of Finland, Finnish Immigration Service, Emergency Response Centre, Emergency Services Academy and CMC Finland.

The business area has a diverse property portfolio and as a rule clients operate in premises tied to special uses and designed for special needs whose maintenance and development require special expertise.

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