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Work environments

We help government organisations to update their ways of working and create practical, safe work environments that support their work. Our goal is to provide work environments that improve the work performance of our clients and reduce the government’s facility costs.

According to the government’s strategy, facilities should support productivity and emerging ways of work and cooperation. The government favours neither local nor multi-location work; both are equally valid ways of working. These policies also shape the facilities and their design. In future, public administration will increasingly move to shared facilities, and municipalities and the government will have joint customer service points.

Towards shared work environments

We offer shared work environments as a service in line with the central government’s premises strategy. In future, public administration will increasingly move to shared facilities and, even though government is going digital, government agency services are still required. Where government agencies are found at the same address, there is no need for citizens to visit many different addresses. And since some resources are shared, coworking spaces result in higher quality solutions for the same money. As the facilities are also designed to be energy efficient and travel decreases, this reduces the carbon footprint.

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Our services

Facility services

In addition to facilities and work environments, we offer our clients a diverse range of centralised facility services. Our facility services include cleaning services, office services, meeting and catering services, deployment and removal services, as well as furniture services.

Digital facility services

Working, nationally uniform internet connections and computer screens let employees focus on their actual work. Upon request, we furnish the premises of our clients with presentation equipment that enable effortless communication and smooth meetings. We also provide info screen and utilisation rate measurement services.

Security services

We help central government organisations achieve the optimal level of security for their operations. We can also implement the security solutions for our client and maintain the chosen level of security as well as develop the client’s security competencies, such as by providing training.

Executive work environment services

We help our clients renew their work environments and ways of working. We engage, inspire and include our clients in the change. Our services include work environment management, change management, knowledge work development, service design and impact assessments.

Environmental services

Our seasoned defence property experts assist our clients with environmental and nature surveys, the sampling and restoration of contaminated soil, environmental engineering, circular economy solutions, environmental impact monitoring and official procedures.
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Activity-based office

Activity-based environments require companies to adopt a completely new culture and ways of working and managing. Senate Properties promotes smarter government workplaces and comes up with new ideas and experiments on how we could work smarter.

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For better indoor conditions

We want to help ensure that everyone working in the offices, institutions, barracks and bureaus of Finland have the best possible conditions in their working environment so as to maintain the welfare, organisation and safety of society. After all, a healthy working environment is the foundation of the well-being of us all.

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Governmental coworking spaces

We provide government employees with coworking spaces for collaboration across organisational boundaries.
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Our references

See our references in the fields of well-being at work, activity-based offices, indoor conditions and others.

Space management for administration

Space management for administration, HTH service, is a facility management service provided by Senate Properties to its government administration clients.
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