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Working for Finland – in shared facilities

Our goal is to provide a work environment for our clients to help improve work performance and reduce the government’s facility costs. We help government organisations to revise ways of working and create practical, safe work environments to support working. In other words, we help our clients to work smarter.

Heading towards coworking spaces

The work environment is made up of three dimensions: social, virtual and physical. All these elements need to be developed simultaneously as part of change. It is a matter of management, up-to-date ways of working, software, hardware and functional, safe facilities.
Even though government is going digital, government agency services are still required. Where government agencies are found at the same address, there is no need for citizens to visit many different addresses. And since some resources are shared, coworking spaces result in higher quality solutions for the same money. As the facilities are also designed to be energy efficient and travel decreases, this reduces the carbon footprint.

Coworking spaces

The highly digitalised and customer-oriented world calls for effective collaboration across organisations. We need new platforms and spaces for smart co-operation. Hupi, Sesam and Työ 2.0 Lab are our coworking spaces for government officials.

Activity-based environments

An activity-based environment is more than a collection of rooms and spaces. It’s a new way of working and managing work. Choose a workstation based on your changing needs and preferences.

Indoor conditions

Proper indoor conditions have a big effect on employee wellbeing at the workplace. Our goal is to actively improve the usability, healthiness and comfort of governmental working environments.
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