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Sesam Helsinki, Lintulahdenkuja 4 A

We provide government employees with coworking spaces for collaboration across organisational boundaries. Welcome to come and work in an activity-based office with other government employees.

Shared work environments

What are the Sesam coworking premises?

Senate Properties’ Sesam Helsinki coworking premises are located in our office in Sörnäisten ranta, at the address Lintulahdenkuja 4 A. Sesam is an activity-based office for all government employees that facilitates diverse ways of working. Sesam Helsinki also has the Väläys teamwork space available for booking.

We offer free wireless internet, a hot beverage, a locker with a lock, as well as facilities for many kinds of work. For information security reasons, we are unfortunately not able to offer printing services, however.

How can I get to Sesam Helsinki?

Sesam is located at Lintulahdenkuja 4 A. We are easy to reach by public transport. There are no parking spaces earmarked for our use. There is a bicycle shelter in the inner courtyard and a city bike station on the corner of Lintulahdenkuja and Lintulahdenkatu.

Sesam is open from 8.00 to 18.00 on weekdays.

What to do once I am there?

Register upon arrival at the desk in the 1st floor lobby for your Sesam visitor pass and access key. Be prepared to present both personal ID and your organisation’s identity card. Free work stations are displayed on the floor plan screen in the Sesam lobby on the 5th floor.

There is a restaurant in the next building at Lintulahdenkuja 2. The restaurant is open from 11 to 13. There are many other lunch options in the vicinity as well.

Sesam house rules

Cafe Sesam

Give feedback on Sesam

What did you think of Sesam? Please tell us what we could do differently to make working in Sesam even more comfortable. Also drop us a line if you would like to visit us and hear more.

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Our other coworking premises in Helsinki

Hupi Pasila

Hupi is a meeting environment in the Pasila Agency Centre’s conference centre at Ratapihantie 7, that supports modern ways of working and is intended for all central government employees.

Työ 2.0 Lab

Työ 2.0 Lab is a meeting place for colearning and phenomenon-based preparatory work across administrative branches and sectors. Työ 2.0 Lab is located in the Helsinki city centre, on the 3rd floor of the building at Yliopistonkatu 5.
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