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Government coworking spaces

We provide government employees with coworking spaces for collaboration across organisational boundaries. Come and see for yourself!

Our coworking spaces


Lintulahdenkuja 4 A, Helsinki

The Sesam Helsinki coworking premises are located in our office in Sörnäisten ranta. We offer free wireless internet, a hot beverage, a locker with a lock, as well as facilities for many kinds of work.
Senaatti Hupi Turku

Hupi Turku

Itsenäisyydenaukio 2, Turku

Hupi Turku is located in the customer service area of the Turku Agency Building and is open for all government employees .
Työtuoleja ja pöytiä Työ 2.0 Lab -työtilassa. Seinän ikkunoista näkyy harmaa katumaisema.

Työ 2.0 Lab

Ratapihantie 7, Helsinki

Työ 2.0 Lab is a meeting place for colearning and phenomenon-based preparatory work across administrative branches and sectors. Työ 2.0 Lab is located in the Helsinki city centre, on the 3rd floor of the building quite near the railway station.
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