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State’s real estate business

Senate Properties develops the real estate assets no longer used by the government in line with the government real estate strategy so that the assets can be sold and are suitable for the property market. Our selection of properties for sale includes high-end buildings and ordinary properties.

The increasing digitalisation of work, mobile working and sustainability principles are changing ways of working and the need for premises. Central government’s need for premises is also changing at a faster rate and more properties are being freed up from government use for sale and development.

Senate Properties is a public actor and we comply with an open and non-discriminating procedure when selling properties. The properties are sold at fair value, usually by way of offers submitted following public announcement of the sale in a newspaper, for example, or in other ways in compliance with the principle of open access.

Senate Properties’ CEO decides on all property transactions up to €0.5 million and the Board of Directors decides on all property transactions up to €10 million. After this, authorisation is vested in the country’s government and parliament decides transactions more than €30 million.

Senate Station Properties

We work with towns and municipalities to develop train station areas. We plan how each station area can best serve the sustainable urban development of its own surroundings.

Senate Station Properties

Property development

We develop and zone state-owned properties and land for sale. Together with our partners, we aim to find a new lease of life for properties and areas that the government no longer has any use for. We have succeeded when a property and its surroundings have been able to develop new value in the hands of new owners.

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