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Towards carbon neutrality

We are committed to actions to mitigate climate change. Senate Group’s goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2035 in State-owned properties.

Our goal is in accordance with the Finnish Government Programme and in line with Finland’s goal of carbon neutrality. Senate has a key role in reducing emissions in the State’s property both as a construction project manager and maintainer of premises.

Carbon neutrality was raised as a key area of social responsibility in Senate Group’s strategy period 2022–2025.

Significant reduction in CO2 emissions

Senate Group’s purposeful work to reduce emissions has significantly reduced emissions during the use of the premises over the past ten years. The greatest reduction in emissions has been reached by increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy bought. More than 80% of the total energy use in the properties we maintain is covered by renewable energy and 100% of electricity.

The goal is to be carbon neutral and fossil free by 2035

Senate Group is tasked with providing carbon-neutral premises for central government use. The goal is primarily achieved through our own actions without offsetting. We aim for a 15% reduction in all renovation and 25% in all newbuild projects of more than €2 million.

Key means to achieve the goal

Carbon neutrality is being pursued in two ways: carbon neutrality in the use of premises and carbon neutral construction and repair.

Carbon-neutral use of properties:

  • Improved space efficiency
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Transition to emission-free energy

Carbon-neutral construction and repair:

  • Reduction / optimisation of construction through modifiable and shared facilities
  • Emission-free construction materials and circular economy principles
  • Emission-free construction site

Plan for adapting to climate change

We have also studied the climate risks facing properties and determined the key measures with which we can adapt to the impacts of climate change in the State’s property stock.

  1. 2021

    Emissions in the use of our properties have been reduced by 90% since 2012, when the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive entered into force.

  2. 2025

    The emissions in the use of our properties have been halved compared to 2020. This target was reached already in 2021.

  3. 2030

    Use of carbon-neutral properties in the 2020s.

  4. 2035

    Carbon-neutral construction and repair in 2035.

Related topics

Energy-efficient properties

We have for years done successful and effective work to improve energy use in central government properties. In the crisis situation of 2023 , we launched an extensive energy saving programme. We want to do our bit to ensure enough energy in Finland.
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We are responsible for conserving biodiversity and preventing nature loss at our own sites. We commission ecological surveys as part of construction projects, maintenance and property sales. We have also launched meadowing projects and extensively studied potential sites for diversity development.
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