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About Senate Properties

Senate Properties is the work environment partner and specialist of the Finnish government and the Finnish Defence Administration.

We work with our customers to create contemporary work environments taking into account the special features of their activities. We aim to provide the best possible circumstances and conditions in which to do the work to make this the world’s safest and most functional country.

We develop the government’s property assets and take care of cultural-historical properties. Responsibility is core to all of our activities.

  • 1 230 Group employees
  • 417 Investments, M €
  • 8 700 Buildings
  • 4,8 Group balance sheet, bn €

Senate Properties as an employee

We aim at ensuring that our personnel have the prerequisites to succeed in their work. Ensuring overall welfare at work is an integral part of management at Senate.

Working at Senate Properties
Valtioneuvoston kanslia

Social responsibility

The core value of Senate Properties forms the basis of our business and decision-making. All aspects of our business are based on social responsibility; we bear our responsibility for sustainable development by taking into account economic, social as well as environmental considerations, not forgetting the cultural value of buildings.

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