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About us

Senate Properties is the work environment partner and specialist of the Finnish government and the Finnish Defence Administration. We work with our customers to create contemporary work environments taking into account the special features of their activities. We aim to provide the best possible circumstances and conditions in which to do the work to make this the world’s safest and most functional country. We develop the government’s property assets and take care of cultural-historical properties. Responsibility is core to all of our activities.

Space for enthusiasm and success.

Senate Group's key figures 2023

  • 1 290 Group employees
  • 657 Investments, M €
  • 8600 Buildings
  • 5,3 Group balance sheet, bn €

Our strategy

Our goal is to provide a work environment for our clients to help improve work performance and reduce the government’s facility costs.

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Social responsibility drives our work

Our business is based on corporate social responsibility in all its aspects: we show our responsibility for sustainable development by considering economic, social and environmental factors, not forgetting the cultural value of the buildings.

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Senate Group comprises Senate Properties and its subsidiary corporate enterprise Defence Properties Finland. The Group also includes Senate Station Properties Ltd.

Corporate governance

Senate Properties is an unincorporated state enterprise operating under the Ministry of Finance and its operations are regulated by the Act on Unincorporated State Enterprises and the Government Decree on Senate Properties.

Senate as an employer

We strive in many different ways to ensure that our people have everything it takes to succeed in their work. We consistently invest in developing the professionalism and competence of our people.
Mikko Ahola istuu pöydän ääressä ja puhuu.


Senate Properties is an unincorporated state enterprise operating under the Ministry of Finance and is self-financing and not included in on-budget activities. Senate makes no profit from rents paid by central government clients.
Anne Korpi.

For better indoor conditions

We want to help ensure that everyone working in the offices, institutions, barracks and bureaus of Finland have the best possible conditions in their working environment so as to maintain the welfare, organisation and safety of society.

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