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The majestic Merikasarmi is being renovated into a modern activity-based environment

The historic Merikasarmi buildings have served the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for 30 years. Now these former barracks are undergoing the most extensive modernisation project in their history. Through the project, the ministry will achieve one of its long-term goals: all of its operations will be transferred to the same area.

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New work environment means new ways of working at GTK

Suo, Vesi, Kaivos, Kallioperä and Maaperä. The names of the Geological Survey of Finland’s new workspaces (Bog, Water, Mine, Bedrock and Soil) are apt descriptions of its work. After initial hesitation, users are beginning to praise the communal and digital activity-based environment in Otaniemi, Espoo.

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TEM moved from four different locations into a new activity-based environment

The importance of good indoor air was the focus in the modernisation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s premises. Located in Aleksanterinkatu 4-10 in Helsinki, the activity-based environment was created in a valuable property that is more than 200 years old.

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A smart building focuses on the user

Senate Properties has created a new, smart user interface for property maintenance in cooperation with other leading operators in the field. During the pilot project, data will be collected about the pilot building for easier maintenance and the prevention of problems. All a user has to do is take a picture of a QR code.

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The Finnish Defence Forces’ work and learning environment concept

A new work and learning environment concept is bringing consistency and efficiency to the Finnish Defence Forces’ facility solutions. The concept makes facilities more suitable for various purposes, as well as more comfortable. Its implementation has already started and will continue for several decades.

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Activity-based environments improve perceived work productivity

Good news for anyone moving to an activity-based environment! Surveys carried out among state employees reveal that workplace improvement projects increased perceived productivity by 13 per cent.

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From two floors to one, from cubicles to an activity-based environment

The traditional cubicle office of the National Land Survey of Finland in Turku is being converted into a modern activity-based environment. In the first part of our series, we will visit the construction site and hear how the NLS saved the register office and Senate took greater responsibility for the modernisation.

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What is an activity-based environment? This is what it’s all about

An activity-based environment is much more than just a collection of various rooms and spaces. It represents a completely new way of doing and managing work.

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What is indoor climate? This is what it’s all about

While one employee is pleased that the office is cool, another wraps her scarf more tightly around her neck. Someone gets a headache from bright light, while another person needs more light. An indoor climate that is pleasant for everyone is made up of many factors.

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Joensuun oikeus- ja poliisitalo, Laamanni Tuija Turpeinen

A building of three important words

Health, security and technology are the cornerstones of the new courthouse and police station in Joensuu. Staff worked in temporary premises for eight long years - the new building is important for the entire province.

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Senate Properties

Senate Properties is the work environment partner and specialist of the Finnish government. We are a pioneer of new ways of working and work environments. Our centralised solutions help our customers improve their efficiency and save on premises costs.

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