Dog´s life at Senate Properties

When indoor air problems are suspected in a Senate property, the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Ness and master Risse Koponen are often called to the scene.

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Activity-based environtment

108 work in an activity-based environment and 79 doesn't.

My workday

Construction Project Manager Tapio Jalo
travels between the office and sites.

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From individual offices to unassigned desks

The Office of the Prosecutor General left its old office behind at Albertinkatu and moved to Lintulahdenkuja 4. The objectives of the reformed prosecutor’s office are supported with an activity-based environment and unassigned desks.

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7 claims concerning sensors

Sensor technology – like new technologies at all times – involves a great deal of wonders, doubts and hearsay. We presented seven current claims about sensors to Esa Halmetoja, Specialist from Senate Properties.

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State-of-the-art premises for VTT’s nuclear safety research

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has launched its operations at the nuclear safety house gradually. The house was built using the Senate Properties key project model.

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Senate Properties

Senate Properties is the work environment partner and specialist of the Finnish government. We are a pioneer of new ways of working and work environments. Our centralised solutions help our customers improve their efficiency and save on premises costs.

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