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Real Estate Business

Senate Properties is Finland’s largest and most diverse commercial property owner. Our portfolio encompasses everything from standard office buildings and special premises customised to tenants’ specifications, to exclusive high-end properties.

We also manage a significant number of buildings that are important from a cultural, historical and architectural perspective. We develop properties that are no longer being used by government organisations to prepare them for sale on the commercial market. Structural changes in state administration, the increasingly digital and mobile nature of work, and sustainable development considerations have led to the Finnish government releasing an increasing number of properties for sale and development. Development normally involves changes to urban planning.

Senate Properties operates publicly in an open, non-discriminating manner. Our properties are primarily sold by way of offers submitted following a public announcement, such as a sales ad in a newspaper. Senate Properties is permitted to engage in direct price negotiations only with municipalities.

Property development creates new opportunities

We develop and plan state-owned properties and land for sale.

Together with our partners, we want to create a new life for properties and areas that the state no longer uses. We feel successful when the property and its surroundings have the chance to gain new value in the hands of new owners

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