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Sisäilma-asiantuntija mittaa kosteutta ikkunan vieressä päällään keltainen työtakki.

For better indoor conditions

We want to ensure that everyone who works for Finland's national defence and security has the best possible conditions to do their work well. Healthy and safe indoor conditions in barracks for conscripts doing their national service are a matter of honour for us.

How we work to improve indoor conditions

Defence Properties Finland has raised good indoor conditions as a strategic goal. In particular, we focus on proactive indoor air activities, where shortcomings are noticed before they become problems.

Investments in construction and maintenance

Over the past two decades, the government has invested well over €2 billion in Finnish Defence Administration buildings. The barracks repair programme is proceeding systematically, with 65% of Finnish Defence Forces barracks renovated or built between 2000 and 2023. We are also constantly renovating other Defence Administration facilities.

We also invest in building maintenance. The amount spent on annual maintenance has been increased from around €19 million to €39 million.

Towards zero tolerance by foresight

The idea behind zero tolerance is that indoor air problems are primarily prevented. We work systematically to prevent problems from arising.

We invest in preventing problems with indoor conditions starting from the design phase of the building right up to the end of the building’s use. High-quality design and construction create a good foundation for healthy indoor conditions.

Observing the use of facilities allows for prompt response. Building automation includes temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and pressure difference monitoring devices that enable us to monitor indoor conditions.

We carry out regular building inspections to examine the condition of structures and HVAC systems, as well as proactive indoor air quality surveys and repairs. In addition, our own employee, cleaners and property maintenance actively observe indoor air.

Knowledge is key

We educate our own employees and the users of the Finnish Defence Forces’ buildings, i.e. personnel and conscripts, in matters related to indoor conditions. We also educate conscripts on barracks cleaning. A significant part of the feedback related to indoor conditions in the barracks is related to the cleanliness of the quarters, where the main responsibility for cleaning lies with the conscripts.

Low-threshold feedback

We hope for low-threshold feedback on indoor air observations. We process all feedback received and carry out on-site checks based on it within three days of having received notice.

How we process feedback

Kolme sisäilma-asiantuntijaa keltaisissa työtakeissaan, taustalla punatiilinen ulkoseinä.

Defence Properties Finland’s indoor air experts

Defence Properties Finland employs four indoor air experts who support property management and construction project management. Our indoor air experts are qualified building health specialists and have extensive experience of investigating and resolving indoor air problems. They operate as part of a larger Maintenance unit.

The work focuses on proactive indoor air activities. Indoor air experts develop the competence of our own personnel in indoor air matters by assisting them in projects and by education. Besides this, their work includes, for example, coordinating indoor air and harmful substance studies as well as maintaining and reporting of the status of buildings.

The photo shows from the left: Mauri Sakko, Group Manager of the Indoor Air Team, and Hanna Tuovinen and Jouni Vuohijoki, indoor air experts. Teemu Pirinen, indoor air expert, is missing from the photo.

  • 69 barracks
  • 5 500 other buildings
  • 65 % of the barracks have been upgraded during the 2000s
Puolustuskiinteistöjen asiantuntija ja Puolustusvoimien henkilö katsovat tietokonetta.

Read more about Senate’s indoor conditions activities

We want to ensure that everyone who works for Finland's wellbeing, order and security in agencies, institutions, barracks and offices has the best possible conditions to do their work well.

A healthy work environment is essential for the wellbeing of us all.

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