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About Defence Properties Finland

Defence Properties Finland is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Administration. We are responsible for the properties of the Defence Administration, their maintenance and organisation of services in all security situations. Readiness, preparedness and responsibility are at the core of all our activities.

We make room for the future and security.

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Strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Administration

Defence Properties Finland is an unincorporated state enterprise and started operations on 1 January 2021 as a subsidiary unincorporated state enterprise of Senate Properties. The reform aims to simplify the partnership structure with the Finnish Defence Administration and to enable a deeper, strategic partnership. The functions and services provided to the Defence Administration by Senate Properties and the Construction Establishment of the Defence Administration have been devolved to Defence Properties Finland.

In the long term, this will deliver cost savings and curb higher costs through pro-active property management and cost-effective joint support and group services. Preparedness for disruptions and emergencies plays a key role.