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We are responsible for the maintenance of the properties used by the Finnish Defence Forces so that safe, healthy facilities are available in all security situations. Maintenance responsibility covers some 2.6 million square metres of floor space, most of which has been built for defence purposes. Maintenance includes property management, maintenance and other services.

Our services

Property Management

Our property management service covers an extensive service package. Services include expert services, regular technical upkeep, property waste management and special services designed for the Finnish Defence Forces. The electronic upkeep and maintenance ERP system we use is the most extensive property maintenance system in Finland.

We provide waste management services to the Finnish Defence Forces and are responsible, among other things, for monitoring waste volumes. The goal is for everyday waste to be processed in accordance with the Waste Act and municipal waste management provisions in the best possible way for the environment.


Our cleaning services include maintenance and basic cleaning services as well as hygiene supplies and barracks cleaning services. We arrange cleaning services either as our own service provision or as an outsourced service. Cleaning Services is responsible for cleaning 1.3 million square metres and the goal is for correctly allocated, consistent, cost-efficient and adequate cleaning services given the degree of use and taking into account environmental objectives. The INSTA-800 standard (SFS 5994 cleaning quality assessment) is used in the quality control of service provision.


We plan, implement and supervise special order, maintenance and rental impact projects for Finnish Defence Forces’ buildings, outdoor areas and structures in accordance with and keeping to a long-term plan. Maintenance is also responsible for the quality and healthiness of indoor air and indoor conditions. Repairs aim for energy- and water-saving solutions, and in the choice of materials the focus is on durability, maintainability and lifecycle sustainability.

Energy Services

We are responsible for the energy supply of Finnish Defence Forces’ properties; the supply of heat, electricity and water and their supply reliability in normal and emergency conditions. We are also responsible for the maintenance of water and energy networks. We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of commercial premises. We aim to improve the energy efficiency of defence properties and the cost efficiency of energy services as well as to promote environmental awareness in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. Centralised building automation is used to improve the efficiency of energy use in properties.

Other services

Kasveja kasvamassa matalassa vedessä

Environmental Services

We act as the central government competence centre in properties and environmental issues involving their use and in environmental construction.

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Alokkaat marssivat kasarmin edessä.

Construction Management and Protective Technology

Our unit is responsible for the management, coordination and supervision of construction projects carried out for the Finnish Defence Forces as well as for expert services.

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