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Facility usage and cost information

HTH supports the government’s efforts to deepen consolidated corporate governance and the development of joint services. The service provides ministries with an information platform for making financing decisions about facilities and monitoring their outcomes. The HTH corporate reporting function compiles key figures about administrative branches and profit centres in a comparable format. This allows profit centre directors to see how their organisation’s key figures stack up against other profit centres in the comparison group.

Information provided by the service

The HTH data service provides versatile up-to-date information, including key figures and data about the following facility usage and cost information:

Consolidated meters

  • Costs of the sites
  • Facility usage of the departments
  • Effectiveness of facility usage

Information that benefits office users

  • Building- and region-specific cost differences
  • Costs and facility usage of departments and business areas
  • Available and empty spaces in offices
  • Contractual commitments and modification options

Information that benefits users of special facilities

  • Building- and region-specific cost differences
  • Cost differences of special facilities by region
  • Effectiveness of the usage of functional departments

Using HTH information

Information provided by the HTH service can be used at different levels of management of government community:

Government community level

  • Setting government-level facility and environmental targets
  • Preparing the government’s operational strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Verifying the achievements

Administrative branch level

  • Setting facility and environmental targets at the administrative branch level
  • Planning facility strategies at the administrative branch level
  • Performance-based management
  • Budgeting
  • Verifying the achievements

Offices and agencies

  • Strategic facility planning of large offices and agencies
  • Performance-based management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial management
  • Staff management
  • Information management
  • Environmental governance
  • Verifying achievements

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