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Advantages of using HTH

When different branches of administration have access to uniform and up-to-date data, it is easier to make fair decisions based on the data.

Optimising the use of facilities brings significant savings on facility management. When facility planning is connected to improving the working environment, the result is a significantly higher occupancy rate and more functional working environment, which in turn have a positive impact on the organisation’s performance.

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Facility data from one source

The HTH data service is a centralised hub for uniform facility, contract, cost and user data management, which means that less time is spent on sourcing data and preparing reports from different sources. It also improves the quality of facility management since it allows decisions to be made based on reliable information.

The HTH service contains contract information about both Senate Properties and other landlords. It also uses data provided by the government financial and HR management system Kieku.

Producing information together promotes facility management planning

It is important for facility, contract and cost information to be regularly produced and maintained together with Senate Properties. When this is done, the customer has access to up-to-date information about the actual usage and costs of the facilities. Together with environmental impact information, this information makes facility planning and budgeting easier.

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Uniform comparison data help set targets and identify viable solutions

The corporate reporting function of the HTH data service compiles a list of key figures about government facility usage and costs twice a year. The data provided by corporate reporting help facility managers compare the effectiveness and environmental impact of their facility against facilities of similar organisations.

Traditionally, information about facilities has been difficult to outline. Different terms, measurement methods and interpretations have made it virtually impossible to make objective comparisons.

In the HTH data service, data from all profit centres are defined according to the same principles. This makes corporate-level facility data uniform and easy to understand.

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Strategy-level facility management can be done

Profit centres and directors need as much accurate information as possible when setting targets, defining strategies and monitoring outcomes. Thanks to the information contained in the HTH data service, ministries can gain a firm grasp of strategic facility management. This means defining strategic facility management solutions, maintaining facility portfolios and managing organisations through changes.

Users of the facilities, on the other hand, require information and tools in order to plan their operations and how to use the facilities. The HTH facility and HR information sheds light on how an organisation uses its facilities, which spaces are not being fully utilised and which facilities might be too small.

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