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Prevention of financial offences

All responsible organisations in the construction and property sector want to take part in efforts to find measures to prevent financial offences. The efforts concern the reputation of the entire industry as well as that of individual companies. This is not only about the financial aspects but also about the elements concerning quality and safety.

Action plan

We have drawn up an action plan for the prevention of financial crimes, which, for example, poses requirements to the contractors concerning professional qualifications that are stricter than those specified in law and which limits the number of subcontractors in a project. Senate’s instructions concerning the prevention of financial crimes cover construction and maintenance projects, service purchases and maintenance operations.

Our practices

• We require all contractors to supply information as described in the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out.
• We collaborate with the authorities.
• We require contractors to have a RALA certification or similar.
• We require contractual penalties to be paid for the use of chains of subcontractors and other breaches of contract.
• We require contractors to join the service.
• Every site must have an electronic access control system. service
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