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Construction Management and Leasing

We develop new premises and renovate old buildings for our clients according to their specifications. The investments are based on the user requirements, life cycle costs and functionality.

We lease facilities to government agencies and departments and provide the tenants with the services they need.

Instructions for the site notice board and graphic instructions can be found in our material bank.

Construction Management

As determined by government policy, existing building stock should be used rather than constructing new buildings. If the state does not own suitable premises, vacant premises offered by private owners can be used. Over the past few years, our investments have been mainly allocated to renovation and work environment development projects.

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Through centralised property ownership, the state ensures appropriate property management, the necessary investments and the consideration of life-cycle costs, as well as strong real estate expertise. In addition, centralised property ownership facilitates the effective management of property-related risks, such as properties that are no longer needed.

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Prevention of financial offences

As an important developer, we want to lead the way in the prevention of financial crimes in the construction and real estate business. This refers to not only the financial aspects but also elements concerning quality and safety.

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