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Safe premises

We are continuously involved in operations that promote good indoor air quality in our clients’ premises. The idea is to prevent problems in the construction projects and during the use of the premises.

Our aim is to ensure that high-quality indoor air is one of the essential elements in the management and monitoring of construction projects and property maintenance.

Investments in indoor climate

Senate is carrying out a proactive indoor climate programme that will develop instructions, tools and operational models for the implementation of the various anticipatory elements in solution, construction contracting and maintenance processes. The proactive approach reduces costs incurred from indoor air problems, enhances customer satisfaction and improves our client companies’ productivity.

We aim to have a zero-tolerance approach to damp and mould-related problems. We have collaborated with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to develop a systematic operational model to tackle problems of indoor air quality.

Our objectives for the management of indoor air problems

- To prevent damp damage in new and renovated buildings.

- To systematically reduce health hazards and financial loss.

- To harmonise the procedures to verify indoor air quality problems and to identify the repairs required.